Desk based assessments (DBAs)

DBAs are often required at an early stage in a planning process. DBAs typically combine analysis of the Sites and Monuments Records, historic records (including historic cartographic sources) and aerial photography to advise on the potential archaeological risks of a proposed development project. ASP can produce high quality DBAs to short deadlines.

Archaeological evaluations

Archaeological evaluations are designed to identify archaeological remains in the early stages of projects and can help avoid costly delays during the construction phase. It is advisable to carry out comprehensive evaluations on all projects of a large scale or high archaeological potential. Archaeological evaluations may include field-walking, geophysical survey, aerial survey and the excavation of test trenches. ASP can provide, or organise, all forms of testing and survey.

Archaeological monitoring (or watching) briefs

As part of the planning conditions of a project an archaeologist is sometimes required to monitor intrusive ground-works. If remains are uncovered during this process they are investigated and recorded. ASP can supply experienced archaeologists to conduct such work.


Geophysical Survey

As part of the assessment process, and as a measure to further minimise risk, ASP can employ a variety of geophysical survey techniques, including magnetometer or electrical resistivity surveys.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

Our Senior Archaeologist has extensive experience compiling the heritage components of Environmental Impact Assessments . We can produce entire heritage chapters to a format desired by clients, or complete smaller components for integration.

Heritage plans

At ASP we passionately believe in the importance of heritage to social well being. Whether of international, national or local importance, proper management of our heritage helps ensure its conservation for future generations. ASP can produce conservation and/or management plans for archaeological and other heritage sites.

Archaeological excavation

ASP have the facility to carry out full scale archaeological excavation and, working with our partners, to complete all specialist analysis and bring projects to publication. Our senior archaeologist is licence eligible and has directed numerous excavations in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and England.


Community archaeology

At ASP we are keen to be involved with archaeology projects involving archaeology societies or local communities. We can give advice the setting up of projects, assist in grant applications and can supply a licenced site director, or other experienced archaeologists, should a community wish to carry out investigations.